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The Collectibles Department was born to deal that deals with the auctions of collectibles to meet the most curious and demanding customers, who research and acquire rare and unusual pieces to expand and enrich their collection. The auction of collectibles of the Maison Bibelot Auction House are also perfect for those who want to offer for the inclusion in our auctions catalogues rare items in their possession, entire and specific collections of precious objects and collections.

The areas covered by collecting auctions are varied: from historical documents to numismatics, from philately to toys, from postcards to comics, to all those collections of art or of particular interest that can stimulate the most careful and singular collector. Today's collectibles also include memorabilia, postcards, vinylsl, ancient coins, and stamps, graphics or photographs, first edition books and maps, different hystorical periods as wartime collectibles, vintage jewelry and designer handbags and many, many more. 

The experts of the Collectibles Department deal with the selection of vintage objects and collections, evaluating their aesthetics, integrity and rarity, and organize one or more auctions, also using the timed sales system on the Maison Bibelot Casa d'Aste websites auctions.

Auctions of ”Collectibles”
Antique Toys
Antique Toys
fri 6 APRIL 2018
Andrea Schillaci
Andrea Schillaci è laureato in Scienze Politiche alla Cesare Alfieri di Firenze. Giornalista professionista dal 1991, è appassionato di collezionismo da sempre, in particolare di ordini cavallereschi, orologi, moto e auto d’epoca. E’ stato vice caposervizio della rivista “Mondo Sommerso” per vent’anni e attualmente collabora con varie testate di settore, tra le quali “Moto Storiche e d’Epoca”, “L’Orologio”, l’”Informatore Coop” della Toscana, “Le Frecce” di Trenitalia e “Spazio Italia” di Air Dolomiti.
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