19th Century Paintings

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Maison Bibelot Auction House in Florence organizes periodically 19th Century painting auctions that propose in rich catalogues artworks belonging to renowned Italian and international painters. The department of 19th Century paintings takes advantage of the knowledge, experience and advice of specialist in this field having many years of experience.

The Department, with the advice of internationally known experts, has a good record of sales of important paintings, specially of Italian artists. It also evaluates nineteenth century sculptures, drawings and etchings.
The Department has organised the sale to the Ministry of Art of Odoardo Borroni's painting "Interior of the Accademia Museum" which is currently exposed in the Florentine Museum. The Department ensures evaluations for inheritance divisions as well as for insurance matters.

Giovanna Della Scala

Giovanna Della Scala

Head of Department
Giovanna Della Scala is graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. She has deepened his knowledge of Contemporary Art in collaboration with Galleries and Italian Auction Houses. Giovanna Della Scala is Expert at the Court of Florence.