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Following the trend of the international art market, the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art quickly acquired a central position in the activity of the Maison Bibelot Casa d'Aste. In the modern and contemporary art auctions Maison Bibelot are proposed works by the most established and sought after authors of modern and contemporary art, both Italian and international. The selection is made after careful evaluation and the works included in the auction catalogs are always accompanied by certificates of authenticity and archival card. This is undoubtedly a very important aspect for the Maison Bibelot Auction House as a guarantee of the quality and originality of the works proposed in the auction catalogs of modern art and contemporary art, as of all other auctions.

The Department of Modern and Contemporary Art deals not only with the evaluation of the works to be included in the auctions, but also with the research and certification operations in the archives and foundations of reference for each artist. The Department of Modern and Contemporary Art carries out evaluations for hereditary divisions and for insurance purposes.

Maison Bibelot Casa d'Aste organizes every year four auctions of Modern and Contemporary Art, occasions in which the most famous Italian and international authors are proposed for our customers, art lovers and collectors such as, for esepio, Moses Levy, Mimmo Paladino, Ottone Rosai, Mario Tozzi, Antonio Bueno, Luca Alinari, Mino Maccari and many others.

Giovanna Della Scala

Giovanna Della Scala

Head of Department
Giovanna Della Scala is graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. She has deepened his knowledge of Contemporary Art in collaboration with Galleries and Italian Auction Houses. Giovanna Della Scala is Expert at the Court of Florence.