Selling at MaisonBibelot

Selling in auctions your artworks or precius objects is easy, Maison Bibelot gives value to your posssesions. Our Experts are at your disposal at any time to make free, confidential appraisal, also for full collections and to support and assist you in your investments. If a visit by one of our experts is not practical for you, you may send us clear photographs of the objects with all the relevant information you have in your possession (artist/author, whether or not signed, measurements, when and where purchased etc.) so that we are able to give you the most accurate auction estimate possible.

Consignment Agreement
With this contract Maison Bibelot agrees to represent the Vendor. Maison Bibelot assumes responsibility exclusively as the agent between the Vendor and the Buyer.

Commission and Reserve Price
Maison Bibelot will apply a commission from 11% to 16% inclusive of Iva (Vat- Value Added Tax) on the Hammer Price. The reserve price (in Euro) is confidential and is agreed between the Vendor and Maison Bibelot written in the Consignment Agreement.

Resale Right
Legislative Decree n°118 dated 13 February 2006 has introduced the right of authors of original works and manuscripts, and their heirs, to an economic interest in successive sales of the work concerned.
This royalty has to be paid in all cases where the sale price is more than Euro 3,000 and is calculated as follows: 1. 4% for the portion of the sale price until to Euro 50,000; 2. 3% for the portion of the sale price from Euro 50,000.01 to Euro 200,000; 3. 1% for the portion of the sale price from Euro 200,000.01 to Euro 350,000; 4. 0,5% for the portion of the sale price from Euro 350,000.01 to Euro 500,000; 5. 0,25% for the portion of the sale price exceeding Euro 500,000; Maison Bibelot is bound to pay the “resale right” directly to the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE) on behalf of the sellers. This royalty is paid by the seller for the lots sold.

Anti-Money Laundering Obligations
Pursuant to and for the purposes of Art. 22 D. Legislative Decree no. 231/2007 (Anti-Money Laundering Decree), the principal undertakes to provide all necessary and up-to-date information to enable Maison Bibelot S.r.l. to fulfil its customer due diligence obligations.

Payment after the Auction
50 days after the sale we will arrange payment to you.