Furniture and Objects of Art

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The auctions of Furniture and Objects of Art represents a cornerstone of the activity of the Maison Bibelot. In occasion of each auction, the Department selects a wide choice of antique furnishings, from the 17th to the 19th century, coming from private homes, often with an excursus into the world of contemporary design. In fact, the selection follows current trends and tastes to satisfy a refined and international clientele, becoming more and more attentive and exigent. The Department pays particular attention to furnishing accessories, highly demanded by collectors and interior designers or just passionate about art. The Department organizes four auctions a year, where you can find unique and collectible pieces and curious furnishing accessories to renovate your home. The Department carries out assessments for hereditary divisions and insurance purposes.

Elisabetta Mignoni

Elisabetta Mignoni

Head of Department
Elisabetta Mignoni has a degree in Modern History at the University of Florence, he abandoned his university career in 1991 to devote himself to antiques at the Pitti Auction House where she passionate in the dual experience of expert and auctioneer. In 1997 founded the Maison Bibelot Auction House. An expert of history, especially of the Granduchy of Tuscany, she has published several works, the last for the Florentine publisher Olschki: Un re a palazzo. I Borbone, in Vivere a Pitti. Una reggia dai Medici ai Savoia. Elisabetta Mignoni is an expert for the Court of Florence.